Hi jammers!


Registration for the Global Game Jam 2014 are now open!


You can go in the Register section to get your name on the list.
First come, first registered!


You will receive a confirmation of registration by email a week before the event.


Among other things, we’re planning to enhance the team forming experience this year for those of you who shows up without any team.
While we recommend you of trying new teams, you can still register as a specific team if you prefer.


See you soon!

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Greetings dear jammers!

This September, Montreal Game Jam is preparing a location for those of you who would like to participate in the Indie Speed Run. The Indie Speed Run is a 48 hours game jam happening in several locations around the world. The games you made will be reviewed by a panel of famous judges such as Notch (Minecraft) and Peter Molyneux (Fable 1-3, Godus, Black and White) and more! We will be holding our event in the weekend of September 13 to 15.

How to register:

  1. Register on their website Indie Speed Run
  2. Create your team (optional)

  3. Sign up to our location by following this link and clicking the orange button which says ‘Register’.

  4. Friday September 13, when the 48 hours begin, your team will be charged a 25$ fee by the Indie Speed Run.

The jam will take place at the École de technologie supérieur, the same location where we held the global game jam in January. Here’s a map showing how to find us.

We have a limited amount of places for this jam. For those of you who cannot come, we hope to see you again at our next Global Game Jam which will take place January 24 to 26.

See you soon!



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Hi everyone!


First, we want to thank you all for coming this weekend! It was a really great year, with awesome games made by awesome people. Seriously, your games were really great and it was impressive seeing the progress through the weekend! We hope you liked the experience, and for those of you who were doing that for the first time, we really hope you’ll continue doing jams!


For those of you interested seeing and playing all the games made this edition, here’s the link: http://globalgamejam.org/sites/2013/montr%C3%A9al-game-jam/games

You’ll be able to view and download every projects made!


There was also a lot of you who where wondering if there was any other events of this type at Montreal. There sure is!

The Mount Royal Game Society organize a game jam every 3 months at Montreal. The name of it is so perfect you won’t be able to resist making games when you’ll hear it – the Downtown Trimester Game-Making Adventure! Be sure to check the MRGS on facebook and their website for updates about it. Also, they organize a meetup for independent game developpers every month and it’s pretty worthwhile. IGDA Montreal also organize montlhy events made for the entire Montreal game dev community.
Also, you should receive an email soon, with a survey about your appreciation of the jam. Your comments really help us making a better experience each year. As a closing comment, we had a lot of fun organizing this edition and we promise you it will be even better and greater next year!


Thank you again, and congratulation!

It will be at l’Amère à boire and it will start at 7PM tonight!

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The theme for the 2013 edition of the Global Game Jam have been announced! We can’t show it to you however, you need to hear it!


There is some promotions involved right now with the Global Game Jam, and we’re pretty sure it could interest some of you! The list is really lengthy, so here’s the link! http://globalgamejam.org/content/2013-promotions


Also, if you want added challenge, you can always add some diversifiers to your game! Here’s the official definition from the organisation of Global Game Jam: “The GGJ Diversifier system is a system aimed at diversifying the games as well as providing motivation for experienced game jammers. In a sense, the diversifiers are a free-for-all voluntary list of secondary constraints, that the individual teams can choose to go for, or not, as they please. If they do go for one or more diversifiers, they get to tick off those diversifiers as fulfilled when uploading their game.


If you want some nice music too, there’s an official Global Game Jam radio! You can check it here.


Remember that you need to register your team and yourself on the Global Game Jam website, before sunday at noon!

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